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and it's major

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During the pandemic, regular people have had to step up to the plate to become our heroes. These people are working around the clock and putting themselves in harms way every single day, when the rest of us can stay in the safety of our homes. We want to give back the best way we know how, we're offering a FREE Full Wedding Planning Package to one of these heroes!! On September 1st, we are going to do a computer drawing to pick one person to receive this gift. So here are the deets:

-Full Wedding Planning Package (click here for details)

-Local weddings only. Up to 20 miles from LR Events office (22206),

exceptions may apply

-Up to 30 hours of planning, any overage will be charged per hour

-Client must pay for all of LR Events travel expenses (parking, miles etc.)

-Wedding date must be 14 months or less then date of signed contract

-If wedding is over 200 people, extra fees will apply

-If the wedding gets rescheduled, the contract will get re-negotiated

-If wedding is held on private property and tented, extra fees will apply

-You can only enter once


By applying to this, you will be giving LR Events your name, email, phone number and wedding date. If chosen, there will be a phone call to discuss all event details and ensure this will work for both parties. If you have any specific questions, please fee free to email us directly at lauren@lr.events. 

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